Okay….now the war in Iraq

Here’s a thoughtful piece on the War in Iraq. Skim it first before reading on…

I’m a little puzzled that Betty Schroeder, 74, who otherwise seems well informed about current events, didn’t realize that she was simply too old to join the military. And while I admire her patriotism, I worry about her strength and stamina in those harsh conditions.

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  1. Doctor J

    It’s cool if you’re against the war and want to do something to protect your loved ones, but this seems a little ridiculous. Check this quote from Grandma Betty:

    “This was not a performance, a joke or civil disobedience,” she said. “This was an enlistment attempt.”

    Now what would she do if they actually said, “OK, Betty, suit up you’re on the next plane to Baghdad.” Betty would more or less freak out. This was not a real enlistment attempt. This was a media stunt, and I can’t stand grandstanding like that…even if you’re a cute little, old grandma in Phoenix.

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