A day at the lanes

So we had a “Residents’ Retreat” today…we met for lunch in the conference room, and then it was announced we were going bowling. The 15 or so residents were accompanied by the chairman, the associate program directer, as well as the assistant program director. And the “maternal” administrative assistant.

It had been quite some time since I last bowled. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the sport, but the three hours there sure beat admitting patients at the hospital, as today I’m on call! I found an inverse relationship between the speed with which I bowled and the number of pins I’d knock down.

At one point, the chairman joined our threesome and played a couple games with us. Clay noted that the attendings were much less intimidating in the bowling alley than in the hospital! At one point the chairman commented to me, “Go right for that 1-3 pocket.” When I asked him what he meant, he explained how the pins were numbered, and right-handed people should aim for just between the closest pin and the one to the right of it. When I asked why that was better than straight on, his answer made me wonder if he thought I was really dumb: “Because that’s how you’ll knock the most pins down.”

Besides the bowling, people-watching was kinda fun too. There was the guy in the lane next to me who would remove his glasses nearly every time he got a strike or a spare. There was the girl on my team who was “like a tornado” according to Clay–she could strike anywhere. In other words, her stroke ranged from rolling the ball to tossing it several feet before it loudly hit the lane! And then bowling at the lane to the other side was the professor who would quickly approach the lane and then stop (losing all his momentum) before releasing the ball.

10:00 PM…time to get a little rest before I get called next!


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