Another evening at Vespers

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy attending Vespers at my church. Last week I finished clinic at 5:15 and made it there just in time. Of course, it was, as always, a beautiful respite in the midst of a busy week. However, it was that much better because who should sit down beside me but Sinclair Ferguson! I learned that he’s much quicker than I at finding the correct page in the hymnal; he must have had a light lunch, too, because I thought I heard his stomach growl at one point. The reality is still sinking in that even Dr Ferguson has to interrupt the transcendence of his day with something as mundane as eating.

And then, at the end of the service, he was asked to pray. This has always amazed me and continues to: that Dr Ferguson can produce the most beautiful, meditative, elegant, and heartfelt prayers on a whim. They seem to simply flow out of his heart. Part of me wishes I could have a copy of this prayer for further meditation. However, I realize too that perhaps it’s better left as is…a little jewel of the moment. And I, a little brother in the faith, can learn from this example, not by studying his prayers, but by meditating on that which he meditates.


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