Back at the computer…

A week’s vacation leaves me feeling a bit behind on some things….though I did have a great trip to Philadelphia! Highlights of the trip include…

  • Hanging out with Luke & Marianne–eating Cheesesteak at Keswick Tavern and going to Christ the King Presbyterian Church of Conshohocken
  • A quick trip to Princeton: reading on the beautiful campus and having a cigar with my friend Mark
  • Lunch with Mike & Rachel at their picture-perfect apartment near Westminster.
  • Spending some quality-time with Uncle Paul and Aunt Betty. I helped Uncle Paul trim a couple large branches from the oak tree in the backyard. Even though being 20′ up on a rickety ladder made me nervous, I felt less nervous than when Uncle Paul was up on the ladder! Many hours were spent at their home, doing everything from visiting to napping on the porch, to picking apples from the tree in the backyard.

The mild temperature in Pennsylvania was a welcome change from the nearly 100 degree heat of this Texas city where I live! On the trip I was able to finish my Flannery O’Conner book A Good Man is Hard to Find, and I did quite a bit additional reading too.

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  1. Anonymous

    sounds like a great trip – good for you!
    k. fung

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