Random thoughts as I run, part 2

I’ve decided to break up this post, for fear of losing readers who get bogged down in arithmatic and geometrical theorems. We now move on to my next random thoughts.

As I ran, I came up behind someone who strangely looked familiar. By the skin color and dark hair, he looked like an Asian friend of mine named Dale. As I got closer, I entertained the thought that perhaps this was Dale, and wondered why on earth I would think this guy from behind looked more like Dale than any other Asian guy I knew.

Just as I was passing him, I subtly glanced at his face…it was Dale! We ran together a mile or so, and I realize how much more fun (and less tiring) it is to run with someone. When I got to my two-mile mark, I turned back toward home, but Dale continued. This brings up the question: Am I really that good with people’s backsides? This surprises me, but also disturbs me. My suspicion, however, is that I could recognize most of my friends and family from behind. Maybe I’ve said too much… Any thoughts? (Keep your snide remarks to yourself, please, unless they’re really clever.)


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