Amani’s wedding

So now that I’ve been working consistent 12-hour days, I’m finding it a little harder to post regularly! I’m now on ICU which is challenging (especially learning new patients who have been here) but overall enjoyable.

Friday night was my friend Amani’s wedding. Although she’s out of state doing pediatrics residency, the wedding was here in _____.* It was a mini med-school reunion with 5 or 6 classmates there. It was a simple wedding–and short–but one of the best parts was seeing the close-knit families and hearing the blessings bestowed upon the new couple. Congratulations, Henry & Amani!

Another wonderful thing about the wedding was the mosaic pattern on the plaza outside the building. It was a tessellating pattern of the state of Texas. Now, it’s one thing to make Colorado or Wyoming or even Vermont tessellate, but Texas!?! I scribbled a copy on a piece of scrap paper and have tried to reproduce it above. My rendition is a little distorted, but it seems to work.

The thing that intrigues me about this Texas tessellation and even more-so the intricate Escher tessalations is that there have to be some sort of rules for how patterns tessellate. I don’t have the brain power right now to figure out, but would appreciate it if anyone could explain why this works…

* oops, I posted the name of this city, and it was on the World Wide Web for a good five minutes, endangering the confidentiality of my patients!!!

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