Skyscrapers and menus

Sometimes I feel like I’m enjoying life too much to be in internship…this week is one of those times. Last night found me winding through the terminal of the local airport, crowed by holiday travelers. Soon I found friends Phil and Kathleen at their baggage claim; they were on their way back to Texas from interviews in North Carolina.

The night was cool and drizzly, but we were greeted by a warm apartment back at my place. Dan and Kristen joined the three of us for dinner, which I had fun planning.

And where do skyscrapers come in? I’d stopped and browsed at the bookstore on Saturday, where I spent twenty minutes purusing a book about architecture. One trend in the mid-to-late twentieth century was to define the base, mid-portion, and top of these giant structures. (It seems many earlier structures did just so, but then the box-like skyscraper emerged in the fifties.) I had fun patterning the menu after these skyscrapers, with a different drink for each segment.


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3 responses to “Skyscrapers and menus

  1. Anonymous

    Your layered menu sounds delicious.

    It’s funny to see the Cathedral without its steeple- I’d forgotten what it looked like!


  2. Doctor J

    Perhaps your internship is too relaxed, Jonathan. As if working 60+ hours a week is ever “too relaxing”. Anyway, at least you’re becoming that well-rounded person we all claimed to be when we applied to medical school.

  3. Phil

    Aye. That was a grand evening.

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