A step back in time…

My aunt e-mailed this picture recently. It shows my mom with her five siblings and parents on the back patio of their house in Houston, Texas. My grandmother, Joy, stands in the background, carrying a tray of beverages. It almost seems like a Back to the Future sort of moment to stare into the scene and imagine myself there.

The following picture is a charcoal work by Joy which she made in the 1940’s. I had a high-quality reproduction done last summer, and they included a digital copy. It’s reminiscent of her childhood days in Kansas.

And lastly, one of my own recent photos. I had the feeling this would be a great picture, but I was disappointed when it turned out rather bland. However, using some editing software to make it a black-and-white shot made it a much better picture. It has some interesting shapes and light/dark contrasts.


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8 responses to “A step back in time…

  1. Anonymous

    Which one is your mom?

  2. Anonymous

    my guess is the near one on the right….is that correct?

  3. Jonathan

    No, I think that’s Aunt Sara. The near one in the left of the picture seems to be the second-oldest girl.

    Ahem, Mother dear, do you still read my blog? Can we confirm?

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, I’m the only one who isn’t looking into the camera. On second look, baby sister Rachel, isn’t looking into the camera either.
    An awfully cute picture, I dare say!

  5. Anonymous

    I like your picture of bridge. First thought was a spot on Cumberland Island. Where is this?

  6. Jonathan

    Thanks for complimenting my own photo! It was actually taken in a nearby park about 1/4 mile away from where I live.

  7. Luci-ism

    Good shot of the bridge~….too bad the surrounding tree branches on the right & left are lop-sided over to the right, throwing the overall composition off a lil.

  8. Jonathan

    No kidding. I’ve had thoughts of going back and cutting down that right-leaning branch on the left. That would restore a little balance to the scenery. I hate it when nature gets in the way of good photography.

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