My first weekend, continued

For fear of being dull by bogging down in the mundane, I’ll cover the rest of the weekend in concise bullet points. Highlights include…

  • Sleeping in Saturday morning.
  • My first loads of laundry in the laundromat downstairs.
  • A trip to the post office.
  • Talking to Jenni, a friend of mine starting anesthesia in the San Francisco area. We compared notes about living in two of the most expensive cities in the United States.
  • Reading in Central Park.
  • Buying blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries on sale at the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. I couldn’t leave without a few small tubs of Fage (Greek-style) yogurt and tabouli.
  • Running in Fort Tryon Park close to my apartment.
  • Visiting three services on Sunday (!) Will write more about this later.
  • Lunch after church with new friends at Extra Virgin in the West Village. A stroll along Bleecker Street afterward where we encountered a street fair.
  • Spotting a rainbow in the dark cloudy sky. Several others on the street and I paused in our urban canyon to look east as the setting sun to the west of Manhattan cast its rays over the island. There’s an interesting and not unenjoyable paradox in sharing a small experience like this with complete strangers. (The picture above is one I found on the web.)

A funny thing about living here is the way the subways totally define the way people get around. There’s no need to come full circle back to one’s car. Instead, we took a one-way stroll after church and parted company after a brief discussion on which connections everyone needed to take in order to get where they were going!

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