I finally got around to uploading my pictures from the trip to New York onto the computer and wanted to share a few…

Mom and me at my old apartment the morning I left Texas.

My last view of my home for the last five years.

Stopping for gas near a Tennessee cornfield.

Visiting newlywed friends Dave & Louisa in Cleveland.

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3 responses to “Backtracking

  1. CGI-angel

    AhhH so us readers finally get to put a face to the writer. What made you decide to come out of hiding finally??

    ……and wow, either your just Ginormously tall, or that couple is just really small.

  2. Jonathan

    Actually, I think there’s a picture of me on the blog way back last August when I was visitng the third-grade class. As far as the anonymity, I figured living in a city this big helps (there are at least 5 or 6 anesthesia programs in Manhattan alone), and you’ll notice you still don’t see my last name on the blog.

    I’m 6’4″, and Louisa’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 4’11”, so that may explain the picture.

  3. CGI-angel

    I’d say 6’4 is pretty ginormous…another 3″ and you’d be a whole foot taller than me. But hey, its a great height for goalkeeping! Hmm…must be interesting fitting into amusement park rides, for the lack of leg room. Would be kool to see you driving around in a smart-car ahah!

    Why is it you get to relocate and continue residency elsewhere? I thought Res’s have to do 5yrs of jail time in which ever program they first get into.

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