My Lone Star Vacation, part 3

I left the day after I got back to New York for Philadelphia and spent some time with Uncle Paul and Aunt Betty. As usual, Aunt Betty had plenty of great, homemade food waiting!

Sunday I was back at Emmanuel, and I hosted a group of eight for “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”. This is a potluck dinner where no one knows who else will be there. Two or three guests were kind enough to help me with the dishes afterward.

This next picture is from a different evening; it’s the “Asian” small group I’ve visited a couple times. I’m not sure if they’re so warm to me because they like me, or because I make their group more multicultural.

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4 responses to “My Lone Star Vacation, part 3

  1. Anonymous

    Is the girl on the bottom left asian?

  2. Jonathan

    No, she’s not. Good eye. That’s Felice, and she’s white.

  3. Anonymous

    I believe “caucasian” is the P.C. term.

  4. Jonathan

    While sensitivity is generally a good thing, I don’t believe that current cultural protocol requires a high degree of political correctness when referring to one’s own race. I hear African-American’s using the “N-word” frequently with each other, but it would be inappropriate for me to use it.

    I’m not suggesting that “white” is as offensive as the “N-word” (or even offensive at all), but being Caucasian, I feel at liberty to use the word “white”.

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