Bowling night

So I’m on call yet again tonight. I just finished a case about 45 minutes ago, and I hear there are a couple laparoscopic appendectomies on the horizon. 😦 Maybe I’ll get a little sleep afterward.

Last Friday my home fellowship group went bowling at a place called Harlem Lanes in, you guessed it, Harlem. After a strong start with a couple spares, I quickly fell behind the pack. Maybe I should have gone with the 12 lb ball instead of the fourteener.
A couple pictures from the evening…
(From left to right) William, Jan, Katherine, Jonathan, Andy
Dessert afterward at W&K’s. William, Andy, Jonathan, Jan, Ezer, Katherine


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4 responses to “Bowling night

  1. Jonathan

    P.S. I’m not wearing suspenders. Those are candles.

  2. Anonymous

    I was wondering about that….


    ps-are you still coming down to TX next week?

  3. Melissa

    darn! I had hoped suspenders were making a comeback on the NY fashion scene…that would have made Christmas shopping for my Dad so much easier. ;0)

  4. Anonymous

    I was rather surprised to see you in suspenders!

    Now that we’ve met your small group, the pictures are much more special.


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