A slushy day in NYC

This year, evidently, has been unusual for very little snowfall in New York City. Last night as I walked to the fitness center at Columbia (of which I’m a new “guest” member), a “wintry mix” fell lightly from the sky. This continued through the night and during the day, so by the time I left work today at 5:30, snow was piled on the sidewalks and the streets were full of a wet, brown slush. I thought it was fun to wade across the small drifts.

On the agenda for Valentine’s Day evening were a couple possibilities: a violin recital at Juilliard, or laundry. Sexy though it is not, laundry won out. However, it is hard to beat padding around the apartment in scrub-pants, socks, and tee-shirt with a cup of hot tea.

I found the picture above recently. It’s an aerial view of Union Theological Seminary in New York City (where Dietrich Bonhoeffer taught last century) with Riverside Church in the background. My church meets in a chapel at the seminary.

One more thing of note: I bought “Loving shepherd of thy sheep” on iTunes. Highly recommended.

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