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Marathon update

I ran ~13 miles (a half marathon!) with Ezer today in Central Park. Goal D4 is accomplished.

We ran about 1.2 miles to the park, and then two big loops of 6.2 miles each. The hardest part of the run was about 7.4 miles into it, just as we were beginning the second big loop. A number of factors converged to make this stretch remarkably painful, primarily in a respiratory sort of way:

  • Psychologically, I realized I was only at a half-way point and still had a large loop left to run.
  • This stretch is one of the steepest uphill parts of the loop in Central Park.
  • I had a little remaining upper airway congestion from the week before.
  • Being half-way, I decided to eat the high-carb chocolate gel packet Ezer had given me, making breathing very difficult.

The end of the run, however, was marked by a sense of exhilaration that comes naturally after a run (endorphins?) as well as being happy to have run farther than ever before.


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Death of a cellist

Mstislav Rostropovich
New York Times article here.

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Spring has arrived

I looked out my window yesterday and was surprised to see tiny green leaves on the trees in Fort Tryon Park. Within just a few days, spring has come. No longer will I see bare wintry branches in the park. Even down in the courtyard, the grass suddenly seems greener, and the daffodils have been joined by a host of smal leafy plants. (Some of that is probably attributable to the lady who gardens here, and not just the recent arrival of Spring.)

After work today, I went home and changed before heading down to Columbus Circle to begin another tour of Central Park. 6.2 miles, 52 minutes. The park today, Thursday, April 26, was amazing. I hesitate to describe it because I know my words won’t be sufficient. It was like taking a jog through a beautiful postcard. The weather, of course, was close to sixty degrees, and the afternoon sunbeams slanted in over the rooftops along Central Park West. The redbud, cherry, and dogwood trees were blooming. Faint floral scents were in the air (except for in the southeast corner where I smelled the horses). Yellow daffodils were still blooming, as were the tulips and yellow shrubs. A short detour up on the Reservoir path granted me sweeping views of the skyline over the still blue water. In short, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect running path. Today, perhaps as never before, I appreciated this jewel in the heart of the urban jungle of New York City.

(I found these photos of the park on the internet. They capture a bit of what the run was like, only it was beautiful scene followed by beautiful scene for nearly an hour!)

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Marathon Milestones

Speed Goals
S1 4 miles in 32 minutes (done)
S2 4 miles in 30 minutes (done today with a time of 29:17! Granted, it was on a treadmill)
S3 4 miles in 28 minutes
S4 6 miles in 45 minutes
S5 8 miles in 60 minutes

Distance Goals
D1 4 miles (done)
D2 6 miles (done 4-19-2007)
D3 8 miles
D4 10 miles
D5 14 miles
D6 18 miles
D7 22 miles
D8 marathon

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Here’s a couple pics I was referring to in the second post from Charity’s visit. This is my nearly four-year-old niece Isabella. I love her big, if sometimes forced, smile.

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Another post-call day and a running milestone

Another excellent post-call day. I got a few hours’ sleep on call Wednesday night, which was enough to make the day enjoyable. After grand rounds, another resident gave me a ride down to Columbia where I have an associate membership at the fitness center. I worked out for about an hour and took a short nap on William’s couch before we headed down to the Upper West Side for lunch at Harry’s Burritos and a walk in Central Park, lattes in hand.

I spent the afternoon doing miscellaneous things at home and took another walk in the beautiful, almost even warm, afternoon sun in Fort Tryon Park. After noticing a girl napping on a park bench overlooking the Hudson, the temptation was too great. I folded up my sweater for a pillow and took a fifteen minute snooze on a nearby park bench, though not the one next to the girl. That would be weird.

The day ended with another run with Ezer in preparation for the Marine Marathon in October. This was my first time to do the entire loop in Central Park. (We ran not the square outer streets, but the winding road that approximates the perimeter.) I think my marathon training goals will focus of course on increasing distance on longer Saturday runs (10 and 15 miles will be natural milestones) as well as increasing my speed on shorter runs. (I’d love to get my 4 mile time back down to 28 minutes. So far this spring I haven’t done 4 in under 30.) Will keep you posted.
I found this helpful map too.

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Charity’s visit II

I made the error of not posting some of the better pictures from the January visit. Mea culpa! I want to share a few more, along with more commentary than you want.

Riverside Church in Morningside Heights, viewed from the east on 121st Street. The tower is huge, and it has plenty of functional floor space. The cathedral is built in a neogothic (?) style, but uses modern construction techniques; i.e., steel beams. The tower itself reminds me of Saruman’s tower in the LOTR.

Clearly I overlooked this artsy shot. Sarah once again made good use of a shortened focal length. The fresh green leaves, representing new life, are a good picture of grace, and I like the contrast between the delicate flora and the cold stone from which this 42nd Street building is constructed. There’s a nice strong diagonal symmetry here too, along with a couple vertical stems and tree trunk and a horizontal edifice line. The various surface angles lead to interesting light/shadow interfaces.

Charity, feeling at home in my kitchen.

Charity preferred this shot of her and Sarah. I agree that it is a better picture, but I like the one from the previous post because Charity’s smile reminds me of Isabella’s smile when she’s working just a little too hard!


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