How to spend a post-call day

0630 Roll out of the call-room bed so as to be changed and leaving the hospital by 0700.

0700 Leave hospital. Pick up amNewYork on the way out. Work on the crossword puzzle on the subway.

0730 Arrive home. Start another crossword puzzle.
0800 Eat breakfast: yogurt, pomegranate juice, Trader Joe’s low-fat granola
0830 Work on home network between Clay’s and my computer to transfer gigantic iTunes files (namely, six episodes of The Office purchased by me) from his to my computer.
1030 Succeed at transferring files over the new wireless home network.
1035 To Target in Marble Hill. Start third crossword puzzle on the subway.
1105 Purchase two 6-packs of new socks. I’d forgotten that putting on brand new socks is one of my favorite of life’s “little pleasures.” Finding money in a jacket pocket during the first chill of the fall is another.
1200 Meet Justin at Columbia’s Dodge Fitness Center
1330 Email
1415 Sit on steps in the pleasant afternoon sunshine in front of the Low Library. Finish third crossword puzzle; read The Economist.
1500 Stop by Chase bank to buy quarters.
1545 Laundry
1830 Meet Dustin Michael C____ at Toast with his friend from the Manhattan School of Music, also named Dustin Michael.
2015 Movie at Lincoln Center.
2300 Crawl into bed.


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2 responses to “How to spend a post-call day

  1. Anonymous

    One of my favorite “little pleasures” is finding new socks in my jacket pocket during the first chill of fall. Did you get a pretty good deal on the quarters? Do you not work on call this year either?

  2. Jonathan

    They had a special on quarters that day: 2 rolls for $20. They came with the paper rolls for free too.

    I resent the implication of your last comment! I DO work on call. Being available can be tiring. That’s why I need to sleep in the call room when I can.

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