Charity’s visit

My younger sister Charity and her friend Sarah came to visit in January for a spur of the moment weekend trip. It had been several years since Charity had been here, so it was fun to show her the city. They came at the tail end of my ten days of running a NYC hostel. Company on consecutive and overlapping days included my cousin Andrew, a friend of Scott’s from UVA also named Andrew who was doing a week of research at a library in Harlem, a friend of a friend of Clay’s, and lastly, Charity & Sarah.

The following photos are courtesy of Sarah.

The view of Manhattan here is absolutely thrilling. This is why I always try to get a left window seat when I’m flying into LaGuardia. The flight path more or less traces the East River going northward. The United Nations building can clearly be seen along the river, and in the middle of Central Park is the Reservoir, which Ezer and I ran around a couple times last week.

Sarah’s artful eye caught this bright railing. (In the strictly figurative sense.) I walk past this every day and had never noticed how interesting the yellow paint is. I like how she made a short focal length so that the background of my subway stop is blurred.
On Saturday evening we walked around Times Square, Ninth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, and then up to Serendipity which we eventually bailed on, eating instead at an inexpensive-yet-good Asian diner. Here Sarah caught some condensation in the cold night air in front of Radio City Music Hall. A yellow cab happened to be driving by.

Charity, me, roommate Clay, and Andrew W. One of Andrew’s funniest comments was made after we spent thirty minutes speed-walking around Times Square trying to get rush tickets to a show. We were too late, having left my apartment spontaneously after someone tossed out the idea around 7:00 PM after we’d been sitting around the dining room table talking. Andrew said, “I wished I hadn’t talked about my research so much.”

Charity and Sarah. I’m not sure where. Charity needs to work on her scarf tying a bit.

Charity and me at the Magnolia Bakery. I can’t tell if she’s holding a cupcake or a little roach with a cotton swab on its head. Probably a cupcake.

And my favorite picture: me and little sis’ on the subway.


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2 responses to “Charity’s visit

  1. Anonymous

    finally i made the blog!
    And yes, you are right…it was a roach with a cotton ball on top of it’s head…
    (rolling eyes) =)
    Thanks for hosting us…. i had a fun time. When can i come back?

  2. Jonathan

    I thought so. Looking closely, I can almost see those little hairy legs.

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