Charity’s visit II

I made the error of not posting some of the better pictures from the January visit. Mea culpa! I want to share a few more, along with more commentary than you want.

Riverside Church in Morningside Heights, viewed from the east on 121st Street. The tower is huge, and it has plenty of functional floor space. The cathedral is built in a neogothic (?) style, but uses modern construction techniques; i.e., steel beams. The tower itself reminds me of Saruman’s tower in the LOTR.

Clearly I overlooked this artsy shot. Sarah once again made good use of a shortened focal length. The fresh green leaves, representing new life, are a good picture of grace, and I like the contrast between the delicate flora and the cold stone from which this 42nd Street building is constructed. There’s a nice strong diagonal symmetry here too, along with a couple vertical stems and tree trunk and a horizontal edifice line. The various surface angles lead to interesting light/shadow interfaces.

Charity, feeling at home in my kitchen.

Charity preferred this shot of her and Sarah. I agree that it is a better picture, but I like the one from the previous post because Charity’s smile reminds me of Isabella’s smile when she’s working just a little too hard!


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3 responses to “Charity’s visit II

  1. daveo

    Jonathan, why did you never place any pictures of my visit last fall on your blog? Not enough light/shadow interfaces or contrasting focal lengths for you to wax poetic on? I hate…so much…about the things…you choose to be.

  2. Jonathan

    Quiet, you. The pictures were on my old computer. I salvaged them to a CD before I banished the computer to its case forever, but I haven’t put the pics on the new computer yet.

    Ahem, Readers of Mulberry Street, be on the lookout for pictures from DavidO’s November visit.

  3. Anonymous

    Davido — or maybe you are not photogenic enough? Or perhaps didn’t offer as much entertainment as I?
    Perhaps if you try to force your smile, you too would grace the pages of Mulberry Street.

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