Today’s analogy

I had this realization recently about some words that are occasionally confused. It’s not entirely precise, but perhaps generally true:

Flaunt is to blatant as flout is to flagrant.


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3 responses to “Today’s analogy

  1. R.H. Fiske

    Not bad, not bad. Though some credit would have been apropos.

  2. Jonathan

    Fisk may have drawn attention to similar-sounding word pairs blatant versus flagrant and flaunt versus flout, but I was attempting to highlight the relationships between the words (a relationship more of meaning than of sound) as I have them paired.

  3. R.H.F.

    Fair enough. You went beyond the explicit correlations I drew.

    (Let it not escape your attention, however, that all nuances of the English language are ever-present to my mind by a solitary act of intuition.)

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