Out of sequence posts

So for the last few months, I’ve been alerting my vigilant readers that I might post out of sequence as I attempt to catch up after a month of lackadaisical writing. I suppose there might be one or two souls out there who cling to every conjured image from my life; every play on words; every musing on puctuation; every mediation from The Economist;

  • every
  • bulleted
  • list;

every lumbering sentence; every

~~~~~~~~~~~~ carefully

For those souls (exist, as they may, only in my imagination) I’ve devised a new system. I will title my out-of-sequence post beginning with an asterisk*. With this system, the studious and compulsive reader may glance at the titles in the right-hand column and go back and read any with asterisks that he finds of interest. An advantage to this system is that I will not have to periodically write posts such as this one to indicate that I’ll be doing some catch-up writing. Enjoy.

* Because I fear that there may never again be a time again to mention it, I should remark that for the last fourteen years I have been unable to forget my eighth grade English teacher’s (Ms Hanshaw’s) pithy misquote of Nathan Hale: “My only regret is that I have but one asterisk for my country.”


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One response to “Out of sequence posts

  1. Charity

    My dearest blogger/brother —
    Never fear! I am that vigilant ready for which you hoped. I do cling on every word you write. Perhaps i do not always read in a timely manner, but you can be assured that not a word you write gets skimmed over (including your poems which I now labor over, attempting to appreciate the art or skill of them.)
    Thanks for your faithful writing! It’s nice to keep up with your life!

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