Jonathan reenters the world of blogging

Armed with my lap-top, a guilty-pleasure Mary Higgins Clark mystery, and today’s crossword puzzle, I made my way this evening to nearby Max’s Cafe near the corner of 122nd and Amsterdam for use of their free WiFi internet. When my sister and brother-in-law, Shelley and Chris, came to visit recently, they told me about the internet connection. Since I’ve been in my new apartment for nearly a month and still don’t have internet, I thought I’d take advantage of this luxury afforded by this “Central Perk”-like establishment.

As I sit near the huge open windows looking out on the sidewalk seating, I’m not sure if it’s the end of summer or the cusp of autumn. The ever-so-slightly cool breeze, the night air, and my hot caffelatte make me favor the latter. Here, the young gather to read, talk, and drink. If they smoked, one might confuse it for Paris.

My evening was a mellow one. After arriving home around five o’clock, I made some split pea soup with plenty of grated carrot, onion, pepper, and garlic and enjoyed it with a glass of smooth merlot and a leftover skirt steak. This was followed by a quick call to my attending for tomorrow to discuss the planned thymectomy and mediastinoscopy, as well as thirty minutes of leisurely violin playing.

As for my blogging, never before have I gone a full calendar month without a single post. As has been my habit of late, I will probably post a few retrospective posts in the next week or two to highlight some of the more memorable happenings of the month of August and early September. I will mark these titles with an asterisk on behalf of the diligent and thorough reader.

And thank you, readers, for the comments of encouragement. Thanks for staying with me, DO, MG, EK, et al. Hope you enjoy the read, and good night.


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8 responses to “Jonathan reenters the world of blogging

  1. EK

    i knew you’d come back to us eventually…. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    gfh is also a faithful reader!

  3. Bonnie

    You reentered and then exited again quite quickly… 🙂

  4. Jessica Hooten

    Just at the time that you are returning to your blog, I returned to it. I haven’t looked at this in almost a year! How are you?

  5. Matthew

    Time for “Jonathan reenters the world of blogging, part deux”

  6. Anonymous

    Depressing stats from Mulberry Street:
    August-zero posts
    September-one post
    October-none to date……

  7. Chair

    Johnny?? where are you?

  8. Monica

    🙂 Mary Higgins Clark should never have to be a guilty pleasure. Though as an avowed bibliophile, I tend to believe that most books should be thoroughly reveled in! (It’s probably a good thing there aren’t twelve-step programs for people like me. :grin:)

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