Mavis’ birthday

On Saturday, October 20th, a few friends and I drove an hour upstate to Bear Mountain for a picnic and hiking trip in celebration of Mavis’ 29th birthday. The weather was perfect, the sky sunny, and the leaves were just starting to change.

Here’s a picture of the five of us that climbed into Mavis’ little Corolla for the day: Jonathan, Gloria, Mavis, Mauricio, and Clay.

A view from close to the top. Strangely my first thought was that if this were the view from Washington Heights, about how far away would the Empire State Building be?

Looking down at the park area where we first arrived. We picnicked by the small lake in the lower left-hand side of the picture. Nearby was a German festival. The river flowing from left to right in the picture is the Hudson.

On the way down, we noticed 4 or 5 deer that seemed to let us get very close. This one was looking directly at me, but then turned her hed just as I snapped the picture. She must think she looks better in profile.


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