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Some numbers follow me in life. Take 113. My address growing up–113 Horseshoe Drive. Also the URL of this blog. It’s one of my numbers. I also like 259, the number of the highway that runs north/south through my hometown of Kilgore, Texas.

One number that has recurred on multiple occasions is 352, so I’m officially embracing it as another one of my numbers. Its appearances are impressive:
  • The prefix of my telephone number in the city where I went to medical school and internship
  • My apartment number during internship
  • My violin locker during undergrad at Baylor for four years

The violin locker has one of the more interesting stories. I was visiting campus with a friend of mine who was about to start grad school at Baylor. I took Jessica by the music building to show her my old stomping grounds, and eventually we wandered over to the music lockers. I knew, of course, which row my locker was on, but its exact location, five years after graduating in 2001, was lost to me. I pointed vaguely to a locker and said, “I think my locker was around here.”

At this point, Jessica started laughing. I’d pointed to locker 352, but at that point she probably didn’t know of 352’s recurrences in my life. What she was laughing at was that there, next to the number, was a faded label with my name penciled in! After five years with surely at least two different occupants of the locker, no one had bothered changing my name on the locker. And now, a year and a half later as I remember the incident, it seems like there was something unusual within, perhaps a little plastic Mozart figurine or something of the sort.

So thus, the sequence begins: 113, 259, 352


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5 responses to “4 8 15 16 23 42

  1. David

    Is the title of the post your locker combination? (Yet the lock only goes up to 39…)

  2. Anonymous

    I think Vardaman, Miller et al may have formally disallowed any erasure of your memory at Baylor…there were rumors your study carrol was never passed down to subsequent classes, or was that the carrol dgh used?

  3. Anonymous

    I hear there’s a bronze bust of JMH in Poage…with a rack full of free copies of a distinguished “thesis” next to it.

  4. Jonathan

    For the record, I did use the double-wide carrel that DGH and I shared. Mainly, it was a good place to go when I needed to get focused reading done. (Like, “I need to read this 200-page book…tonight!”)

    Whether or not the bronze bust was ever commissioned, I do not know. I recommended that they take the money that would have gone toward the commemorative art and build an extra wing in the science building. Thus, it now has three wings rather than the two as originally planned.

    And you’re right, they do have extra complimentary copies of my thesis available in Poage. It’s conveniently reprinted on a 4×6 index card–front and back.

  5. Anonymous

    Was randomly looking at your blog and saw this locker. Yes, it had a Mozart figurine like the one I gave you that same day. Hope you’re doing well.

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