If I had doubts before…

Given that I get about 99% of my news from print, I have almost never heard Mr Obama speak.  This evening I read the text from yesterday’s speech, when he virtually sealed his nomination.  (Text here.)

Wow.  That man has a silver tongue.  And, after reading the speech, not much more than that in my opinion.  The speech is masterfully written and reveals his skill as a politician, but makes me respect him less as a leader.

It seems that he brings not change, but all the old games of politics wrapped in a sleeker, more sophisticated package.   Mr Obama, I’m not impressed.


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4 responses to “If I had doubts before…

  1. mulberrystreet

    I had to delete your comment, Anonymous, because it had my last name!

    Anonymous wrote, “Thank you, Dr. ____, I could not agree with you more.”

  2. David

    Jonathan, I wonder if you could comment on a recent Gallup poll (http://www.gallup.com/poll/107689/Early-Gallup-Road-Map-McCainObama-Matchup.aspx)

  3. David

    Oops, that got cut off. The poll– http://www.gallup.com/poll/107689/Early-Gallup-Road-Map-

    –demonstrates that support for McCain is inversely proportional to education:

    High School or less is for McCain 46-43%, while college grads are about equal for McCain v. Obama. Postgrads, however, break for Obama 54-41%.

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