Another recommendation

After hearing the work in church today, I’m completely enamored afresh of Faure’s Cantique de Jean Racine, a piece I’ve played the violin for before, though I have no idea when or where.  The melody came back to me like an old friend.

Here’s a good arrangment I found on YouTube.  Sit quietly for a minute in a comfortable place, take a few slow deep breaths to recenter yourself, click on the link, and close your eyes for five minutes.  You will be a better person for it.

Some of the other YouTube videos had the theoretically pleasing addition of a harp, though the few harps I heard were tuned a distressing quarter-tone flat.

Amazingly, Faure wrote the piece when he was only 19 years old!



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3 responses to “Another recommendation

  1. Marie

    Thank you so much, Jonathan, for posting this link. This really made my day.

  2. Bulldzr84

    I’m a construction worker, and so I was a little skeptical at first. I have to say, though, that after the opening bars, my heart began to soar.

    The tenderness, the grace, the intensity of the chorale overwhelms my soul in this moment.

  3. FrankieG

    Word, man.

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