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September 23, 2008

On this September evening

I dip my pen into the black

molasses of an inkwell,

straighten the corners of my curling yellow parchment,

and slide my flickering candle of memory

an inch closer on the rough-hewn wooden table.

A drop of hot wax pleads with my thumb

for attention

while my thoughts drift with the cool breeze

that wanders through the open window,

becoming lost in the swirl of the distant pulse

of Latino music with the somewhat closer swells of


and the faint silver clatter and crystalline laughter

from the Italian sidewalk cafe

across my little street.


Yes, on evenings such as these

I forget about the busy week ahead and

the busy day behind and

my phoenix of a to-do list.

I forget that I have no quill–

not even a fountain pen–

but a Dell

with cable internet.  No, instead

I prefer to remember the leafy archway, the

occasional loose cobble

as I walked on the local campus–

its agora unfolding before me–

and sat on the broad lamplit steps,

feeling neither warm

nor cool,

with a smattering of students reading,

talking quietly, and simply doing


as dusk slipped into night

on this nascent autumn day.


Setting down my pen and noticing

one thumb red from hot wax

the other smudged sable with words not yet written,

I hope to keep this glassy pond of a evening

somewhere not far, so that some day hence

as I dip my crusty loaf into a small dish of smooth ripe olive oil

at an outdoor cafe

or as I hear a tenor across the

alley while I cut a slippery mango in the kitchen,

I might remember the flickering of this stubby candle

and then

take a moment to sit down on the mossy bank and,

thumb still slightly aching,

look at the water with not even a



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Mulberry search terms

One WordPress feature not available on my old Blogspot URL is a better statistics feature.  It’s rather interesting to see monthly graphs of visits to my blog, and to note any correlation between the frequency of my posts and the number of views.  I can also easily see which posts are the most popular, most commented on, linked to, etc.

There’s another feature which displays search terms which lead to my blog.  I’m not sure if these represent “outside searches”, e.g., from Google; or WordPress blog searches.  Here are some of the more interesting ones over the last month which led, one way or another, to Mulberry Street.  They intrigue me, not only that they necessarily led to my webside, but by causing me to imagine exactly who creates these search terms:

  1. toradol on the street
  2. “daron dean”
  3. i power blogger
  4. mulberry sucker
  5. appetite suppressant mulberry
  6. sandwich mulberry street
  7. copper penny mosquito bites
  8. surgeon and bathroom breaks
  9. “lynn roselli”
  10. gasoline prices and prophecy
  11. patient crumping
  12. my favorit [sic] room
  13. what to know before internship medicine
  14. pronoun for government
  15. mulberry street constipation child
  16. chiari malformation george bush
  17. physical exam jake gyllenhaal


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Since I’ve added the “Category Cloud” and “Tag Cloud” widgets in my side bar, my sister Charity suggested I check out  This website will create artistic clouds of commonly used words on a website.  This image, created from the last three days’ posts, gives a good flavor of my week.

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Important addendum

I added a few significant comments to the recent post Things I don’t like which dealt with the frustrating behavior of some surgeons and nurses.

If you are interested or if you feel that I made unfair generalizations, please revisit the comments for that post.

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Resurrection of the blog

Many days and nights have passed since I last logged in to A few months, indeed, have gone by; and although I never had any intention of abandoning Mulberry Street, there were times when I feared I’d crossed that critical point in time after which I’d never return. Were my faithful readers–you know who you are, EK, MG, DGH, Mom–forever to stare vacantly at “A good post call day” and ponder my Pulitzer-worthy surreptitious photo of the retired gentlemen in the chess shop?

No. I’m back. And armed with new ideas and experiences, I’m ready to write. About grammar…poetry…The Economist…and life in general in this amazing City of New York.

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I power Blogger

So I’ve added a couple new elements to my blog format. You’ll notice a list of labels in the right-hand margin. Starting this summer I’ve begun categorizing the posts, so if you’re writing a biography of my life and you’re writing a chapter on my exercise and reading habits, it’ll be easier to find posts that pertain to those topics. Alternatively, if you’re just a crazy stalker and you want to know what parts of town I can usually be found in, just click, “Around town.”

As a side note, this was suprisingly easy to do. Back when I had a counter in the older days of Blogspot, I had to add it by copying html text form another website and then combing through what seemed like hundreds of pages of densely-packed html code before, by trial and error, I could find the appropriate place to paste it. The improved Blogspot is much easier. It features a schematic of the format in which I can simply click and drag to rearrange elements, and adding things is a snap.

Also, at the bottom of the page is a new logo. Rather than cliched slogans like, “Powered by Power Bar” or “Powered by Intel” or “Powered by Cold Fusion,” I like the spin on this one. “I power Blogger.” That’s right. What would Blogspot be without people like me?

In the same vein, I smile every time I think of Stephen Colbert’s new book, I Am America: And So Can You.

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Jonathan reenters the world of blogging

Armed with my lap-top, a guilty-pleasure Mary Higgins Clark mystery, and today’s crossword puzzle, I made my way this evening to nearby Max’s Cafe near the corner of 122nd and Amsterdam for use of their free WiFi internet. When my sister and brother-in-law, Shelley and Chris, came to visit recently, they told me about the internet connection. Since I’ve been in my new apartment for nearly a month and still don’t have internet, I thought I’d take advantage of this luxury afforded by this “Central Perk”-like establishment.

As I sit near the huge open windows looking out on the sidewalk seating, I’m not sure if it’s the end of summer or the cusp of autumn. The ever-so-slightly cool breeze, the night air, and my hot caffelatte make me favor the latter. Here, the young gather to read, talk, and drink. If they smoked, one might confuse it for Paris.

My evening was a mellow one. After arriving home around five o’clock, I made some split pea soup with plenty of grated carrot, onion, pepper, and garlic and enjoyed it with a glass of smooth merlot and a leftover skirt steak. This was followed by a quick call to my attending for tomorrow to discuss the planned thymectomy and mediastinoscopy, as well as thirty minutes of leisurely violin playing.

As for my blogging, never before have I gone a full calendar month without a single post. As has been my habit of late, I will probably post a few retrospective posts in the next week or two to highlight some of the more memorable happenings of the month of August and early September. I will mark these titles with an asterisk on behalf of the diligent and thorough reader.

And thank you, readers, for the comments of encouragement. Thanks for staying with me, DO, MG, EK, et al. Hope you enjoy the read, and good night.


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