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…stays in Roosevelt Island

To send Clay off (again) to China with his Sound of Music tour, Mauricio, Mavis, and I decided to celebrate with another trip to Roosevelt Island.

Our original plan was to meet at Columbus Circle at 1133, disguised in sunglasses and scarves, complete with password.  However, to be more practical, this plan was modified to simply convene at the tramway at 3rd Avenue and 60th Street.

Clay, Mauricio, and I were coming from Morningside Heights.  Mauricio instructed Clay and me to leave the apartment promptly at 1330, walk to the 125th Street station, and get on the first subway that comes, third car, middle door.  Mauricio would leave the lab at 1330, walk to the 116th Street station, and wait for the subway at the middle door of the third car.  (Strangely, this is typical for New York City.) Clay suggested that we could just walk to 116th Street and meet Mauricio there.  “No, that’s too easy!” Mauricio replied.

Boarding the tram

The four of us rode the tramway over to the island.  This time we were pros and had quarters ready to board the bus that took us up Main Street.  As Main Street seemed to be the only street on Roosevelt Island, we mused that maybe it should just be called “Street.”

Clay appears sinisterly delighted that we’ve arrived.

We dined once again at Trelli’s.  The restaurant features an absurdly expansive menu, featuring everything from sandwiches, burgers, and salads to pasta, chicken or fish entrees, and steak.  We had…

  • Mavis: Grilled chicken salad with roasted peppers.
  • Clay: Quiche with side salad.
  • Mauricio: Chicken topped with fruit and a couple sides.
  • Jonathan: Philly cheese steak sandwich with onion rings.

We split some German chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert, along with coffee.  Afterward we walked along the East River (not a river; actually a tidal strait) and admired the Manhattan skyline.  (n.b., Roosevelt Island, though distinct from Manhattan Island, is part of the borough of Manhattan.)

Manhattan skyline with the Queensboro Bridge

Strange sculptures in the water

Pondering the strange sculptures

Ready to go home



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Two years ago when I was getting ready to move from Texas, I anticipated that the most difficult thing would be not the cold NYC winters; the brusque interactions with strangers; the small, mice-infested apartments; or leaving family and friends behind.  No, the greatest tribulation would be forgoing an in-apartment washer and dryer.

Thinking back to those days, I realize how far down the slippery slope of laundering I have slidden.  In my first apartment in Washington Heights, the washing machines were an easy elevator ride down from the seventh floor to the second.  Although I had to walk by the smelly trash cans to get there, shared the space with mice, and hit my head numerous times on low-lying ducts and pipes, at least I could wash and dry my clothes in the building, thus avoiding the often chilly and damp weather outside.

In moving to Morningside Heights, however, I knew I would not have laundry facilities in my smallish, 12-unit building.  But at least Bubbles is nearby.  Within a minute or two, I can walk from my apartment to this pleasant laundromat with its black-and-white checkered tiles and its window seats opening on the steady stream of pedestrians on the sidewalk.  This is where I spent a couple hours on a recent post-call morning.

And it’s really not that bad.  Maybe next time I move, I’d be willing to walk a few blocks to wash my clothes.

Here’s a shot that includes the tiles and the window seat.  An archaic device hangs on the wall in the background.  It appears to have a coin slot, a keypad, and a hard plastic attachment with a flexible metal tether.

A view out the window.  My camera phone had trouble capturing the blue of the sky when I took the subway picture.



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