About me

My name is Jonathan and I’ve been writing this blog since July, 2005. I’m currently an anesthesiology resident in New York City, and my original idea was that the blog would keep my family and friends informed of what I’m up to, as a busy residency sometimes makes it challenging to stay in touch.  Through the years, I’ve realized that I was misguided in two ways: 1. Anesthesia residency doesn’t make it that hard to stay in touch with family. 2. I’ve come to enjoy blogging as an end itself.

I hate writing “About me” paragraphs, so I will close simply by saying that my interests generally can be divined from examining the “categories” column to the right. And if you don’t already know me, you may be surprised by how eloquently and wittily I write.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Roz

    VISIT THE Chiari center in NY . TCI .

  2. charity

    did you mean to misspell it?

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